Carrick on Shannon Rowing Club goes to the

Head of the Charles 2005

Photos below have been contributed by all manner of means such as digital camera, ordinary camera and phone camera so quality changes from photo to photo - thanks to Finlay, Dymps, Nick, Roddy Ryvers and Elaine for the bulk of the photo's.............

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The lads set off from Riverside BC for the race Looking good coming up to Weeks Bridge ....still looking good
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....and through Weeks Bridge without a scratch Colm and Nick stack up on the carbs before the race ...while Conor Mark and Ewan take the relaxed approach
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JR invents a new form of stretching as he readies himself for the race The 7 and cox after the race (crew minus Erik) Another photo of the lads pre-race
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The 8 makes its way up to the start line at pace ....while they cross the start line at even greater pace JR manages to fall on some rubbish which for some unknown reason sticks to his back and follows him around the place for a few hours
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Family photo in front of Weeks Bridge.... .....while we could not forget to get one without Elaine Look at that for a fine set of specimens of men
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Dymps Boathouse for the week-end (Boston University) A view from the slip of Boston University where it was nice and calm on the Friday afternoon Ewan, Conor, Elaine and Colm relax and enjoy the tiny bit of sun we got over the week-end
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The Carrick contingent (with one or two imposters) relax outside Riverside BC where the 8 boated out of ...and again A view up the course from the bank
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Dymps comes back in after a training spin on Friday afternoon A view looking down the course at practice on the Friday Dymps picks up speed with the Tricolour sailing in the wind as she crosses the start line
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A view of the Start area and downtown Boston with Boston University Boathouse on the left-hand side And now the all important stuff! - Colm and Conor sample the local "water" on the Thursday night The Carrick contingent gather for a tactics meeting on the first night in Boston
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Colm, Mark and Elaine try to act sober does Ewan, Fin and Conor Conor lets the act up slightly here......
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......and definitely begins to wilt here but I think this was more got to do with the 3 kilos of meatballs he was just after eating in the Italian Elaine and Dymps Conor with his musical hero in the background, Frank Sinatra
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Colm, Mark, Conor, Dymps and Elaine Elaine thanks our waiter in the Italian Elaine and Mr. Duracell himself
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Colm starts to fade badly - "why the hell did I decide to go to New York after a feed of beer and 3 hours sleep, seemed like a good idea at the time?" And now for a bit of culture - the Carrick crew go out to Harvard and meet Mr. John Harvard himself ....while initial thoughts of the guys to go in and do a bit of study in Harvard Library was thwarted by an ID only admittance
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John & Colm - Colm perking up again as we can see Colm & Ewan Colm & some form of Boston concoction
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Colm enjoys the last night in Boston - some form of pattern developing here, can't quite put my finger on it....... Colm decides to retire after a hard days "rowing" ....and finally Conor catches 40 winks after his hard days "rowing"

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Row 2k managed to take this rather impressive photo of Conor just before the race while they also got this photo of John placing the infamous clam on his our before the race (don't ask.......)