Portadown Regatta 2006

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Mark O'H and Donncha return to the slip after winning the first round of the Mens J16 2x


Andrea & Tara head off for the start of the Womens J16 2x


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The Mens Vet 4 of Dave, Mark B, Shane, Jay & Donncha (cox) prepare for their race against Bann RC



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The Mens Vet 4+ try to peg back their 26 second handicap coming into the last 500metres



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Mens Novice 2x of Shane & Mark K head off for their race



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The Mens Novice 2x of Gabor & Dave head off for their race



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The Mens Novice 4+ prepare for their race



Mark O'H on his way to the start of the Mens J16 1x where he won his forst round and lost out in the final

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Kevin McDonagh gets Tony up to do the draw for Portadowns 10,000stg draw


Mark O'H leads his semi-final of the Mens J16 1x against Portadown BC

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Tara and a sculler from Methody Belfast battle it in the final of the Womens J16 1x - Tara unfortunately lost out by one foot after a great race



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Dympna heads off for the start of the Womens Senior 1x - Carricks only winner of the day



Dympna starts her push for the line with about 400metres to go

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