Carrick on Shannon RC

Tribesmen Head of the River 2006, Galway


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Mens Vet 4- (Dave, Mark B, Conor, Justin) Mens Vet 4- again Garda BC Mens Nov 4+ stroked by Carrick man Colm Finnerty Carrick RC Mens Nov 4+ (Shane, Ewan, Mark K, Jason & cox Katie)
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Mens Vet 8 take to the Water     Mens Vet 8 (Cox Katie, Dave, Mark B, Shane, Justin, Conor, Ewan, Mark K, Jason)
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The small boats Head was cancelled due to the inclement weather conditions so just the First (Fours) and Third (Eights) Head took place.

One thing people can probably notice is that our Mens Vet 8 are all wearing different gear and different colours - this is because all our gear was saturated after the first Head so probably time for us to invest in a second set of club Gear after that lesson - if anyone knows anyone who may be willing to sponsor some gear for any of our crews please let them shout!