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Queens & Portadown Regattas 2004

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Paul & Padraig make their way to the start of the J16 Doubles @ Queens while Ronan qualifies comfortably for the final of the Novice Sculls. Shane & Colm are also seen in third place in the Mens Novice Double Sculls.          

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Dympna makes her way to the start @ Queens and then goes on to win the final comfortably

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Dympna gets presented with her prize @ Queens while Mark & Jason battle it out for second place in the final of the Inter Doubles where a little push over the final three hundred metres takes them clear.

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The Castle that overlooks Queens Regatta in Castlewellan, Co. Down

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Dympna & Elaine make their way to the final of the Womens Novice Sculls in Portadown

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One of the Junior 16 Doubles in action at Portadown while Elaine & Dympna show that there is no hard feelings after the final of the Womens Novice Sculls @ Portadown